Every day for 18 weeks I collected plant materials to press and make into a drawing. This is a sample of the works.


Every day I went for a walk and collected things I found along the way, each day a little handful of leaves or flowers or seedpods, sometimes something man-made like puzzle pieces spilled from a skip bin or bottle tops that had been tossed away as rubbish. I took the things home and pressed the biological samples in my flower press until they were dry enough to make a drawing.  I made a drawing with the dried and found objects and glued them in a line across the middle of a 25 x 25 cm square of paper.

I made a line on the gallery wall and hung up the drawings in the order in which they were made, each drawing abutting the ones on either side. I was close-up to the drawings and focused on the small details of each work, remembering where I had been walking, some drawings bringing memories of the day back to me. On December 6 my father-in-law died so I picked some leaves from the azalea bush which he had loved in my garden. Late in December I was visiting my sister and nephew in Sydney and collected leaves from the angophoras of my childhood, and in early January I was at South Durras collecting and pressing blue bottles which had stung my partner earlier in the day. 

When I stepped back from the work I saw the heartbeat-like trace the drawings had created and felt a surge of happiness. This was unexpected.