The inner alchemy of spiritual transformation can bring us into contact with the image of the black sun. It is a paradoxical image, both the darkest of darks and also holding a luminescence that shines upon a way forward.  Sol Niger was selected for the 2012 Blake Prize.

After Sol Niger series was exhibited at Brenda May Gallery, Sydney in Paper Works 11


After making the Sol Niger works I began a new series Renewal. In this series I explored what comes after death and decay. In each work I imposed the black ink to represent grief, then used marks made with burns as well as stitched red thread to signify repatterning and renewal. I thought of the circles as seed-like, holding a latent potential. I stitched patterns of concentric circles and stylised plant tendrils to represent growth and new life


Renewal, 2012. Ink, burns and stitch on paper. 38 x 38 cm each